That bitch with cancer, again

I’ve been sort of keeping this a secret, this whole breast cancer thing. I have told people from camp, close friends, people I know will be an asset, family, and people that are close to the family. Well, I KNEW that everyone that knew would tell at least one person. I knew that it would spread. So, Ive let it spread enough, I think, and it is time for me to open this up to everyone. I hate having to make sure I select the correct ‘friends list’ on Facebook before I say anything about it, anyway! That means this blog will probably be given out, too.
I’m looking at this in a very positive way. I’ve been waiting for it to be okay inside of me before I open it up beyond the chosen few. However, at just under 30 days since diagnosis, I’ve decided that I don’t think it will be okay inside of me until I open it up beyond them.
Further, and beyond all that mushy positive shit… I get really sick of answering questions a thousand times. It is EXHAUSTING. Maybe if they can see it coming from me in this format or in an open forum like Facebook they won’t come-a-runnin’ asking me questions they already know the answers to. That is my life right now. Repeating myself.

So, enough of that. I guess I’ll be ‘the bitch with cancer, again’ instead of the ‘girl with cancer, again’ .