I like big butts and I cannot lie?

Tamoxifen. I know you all are probably SICK of hearing about Tamoxifen.

But listen, it’s new for me!

And it’s freakin’ crazy what it does to me and my body!

Obviously, by body is a little wonky for a 27 year old woman, anyway, but this sure doesn’t help.

I mean, with Tamoxifen, I may as well be going through menopause. I’m not even kidding.

Just a few short weeks after I was diagnosed with my Breast cancer, I was given my fertility ‘diagnosis’ from my TLC doctors (Taking on Life After Cancer – I go to keep up with my side effects from the year of intense inpatient chemo and such from my Osteo) and it was on the really low end of the normal spectrum, but there was still a chance. To me, that would mean that my body’s on a cusp, right? It’s a precarious situation! Like balancing a see-saw at the playground!

I went from living as a seemingly normal 27 year old, pre-manopause, to something else.

I am not used to these insane, monumental body changes!

So, sure. We all know about the EPIC hot flashes it causes. Man they are epic. I feel like I’ve been dropped in a deep fryer on a really regular basis. The muscles in my legs and my abdomen are the worst- they burn from the inside and I literally think I’m going to cook! Haha It gets intense, especially in this Alabama summer heat!

(These Hot flashes ARE SO INTENSE that I have woken up in the morning to start my day with my pajamas all over the floor and hung up in the sheets… I have done so with NO memory of stripping them off in the night! My brain is so upset by them that it won’t even wake me up to take off the clothes! It just makes me do it!)

And you all know about it causing me to be exceptionally exhausted every afternoon, no matter what I do (unless I drink a spark!). You know that it’s not just normal tired, but crazy headache, wobbly eyed, pms-y tired. And some of you are probably experiencing these same exact things.

But here is what is currently weirding me out: I have not gained a pound, but my hips are growing!

The men have always joked that the women in my family get a little bigger down there as we age… but this is crazy. I have no aged, yet!

I was warned that I might gain weight, so I needed to keep up with my exercise and healthy eating- that hasn’t been an issue at all. I get hormonal weight changes and bloating- sometimes up to 5 lbs- and that;s new, but only lasts a day. My waist is still the same it was the day I started the meds (maybe an inch smaller, even), but my butt… that’s a whole other story.

I had no intention of going through any of the physical changes of menopause at the ripe age of 27! Since I am, I guess I will just embrace my butt and do some extra squats! Let’s hope nothing too weird happens to my body before this is all over… and let’s hope my butt doesn’t get too much bigger, I have a wedding dress to fit it into!

PS Please don’t let me start growing random hairs just yet. Please. I am not ready for that, not yet!


10 thoughts on “I like big butts and I cannot lie?

  1. I feel for you. You are way to young for all this. Did you talk with your doctor about any of the homeopathic supplements? Some are not plant hormones. Another thing to look at are some new “wipes” for hot flashes. I did not use them, but I hear Poise has some. I’m sure you will be a beautiful bride.

    • I go see her next week and Will absolutely mention these homeopathic supplements. Also, thanks for the wipes suggestion. Im putting them on my shopping list NOW!
      I have this robe from a brand called ‘night sweats’ thats supposed to keep me cool, too. Its perfect for blow drying my hair (ugh! it’s almost counter productive if you have a hot flash in the middle of it!) and I really think i need to invest in some of their pajamas. I just need to see if I can find a seller/find it on line.

  2. Menopause symptoms are bad enough at 50 but not to have to cope with them at your age… Pure cotton night wear helps..yes the homeopathic supplements are good too… On your wedding day you will be stunning…..

  3. Hot flashes stink! I was taking black cohosh tincture, which helped and then acupuncture helped a lot more. So I don’t take the black cohosh any more. I have a few unopened bottles and I would be happy to send them to you. My email is emackenzie2003@yahoo.com if you want to send your address to me. If you decide to buy some yourself, get the alcohol free kind unless you want to taste a burning sensation in your mouth. You can find it here http://www.amazon.com/Botanic-Choice-Liquid-Extract-1-Fluid/dp/B004RME6H0/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1371685735&sr=1-1&keywords=black+cohosh+tincture

    The butt growth is a menopause symptom, I’m afraid. I assume your body chemistry will get back to normal after you stop taking tamoxifen but your oncologist would know for sure.

    You will look stunning in your dress!

  4. Diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 29, just turned 31 a few days ago and after being on the dreaded Tamoxifen for 10 months the hot flushes, achy hips and general stupid-brain are slowly slowly starting to leave my body. I think. I hope. But yes, what is with the hip expansion?! I have 10 pairs of trousers I don’t think will ever get up to my waist again, and I have taken to living in dresses and skirts as these are cooling, and they expand 🙂 I feel your pain. Stupid cancer. Thanks for your post. I don’t go to any group/support meetings or anything, i’m a bit socially rubbish, so it’s good to hear your story. Best wishes to you! x

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