An explaination

After some of the responses I got, I realized I did not explain myself well enough with why I posted or how often I have these worries.

In the last year I became involved in a support group of sorts. I’m not going to go into what kind of support group but when I can’t go to mine, I go to a very similar group with someone I am very close to.

In my group, however, we focus a LOT on not worrying or panicking about what we can not control. We all relieve ourselves of these uncontrollable situations in different ways. There are things we are taught to do or readings we have that might help. Usually, I write my lists in a private journal or I call someone with a similar situation.

I am a fixer. A caregiver. A people pleaser. So, most of my worries tend to have to do with those things. I would bear the weight of the world if someone asked me to and in my group, we try to work through WHY we are like that and why we feel obligated. So, while I won’t be sharing any of THAT on this blog for quite some time, if ever, I do not mind sharing my list or worries with you all. Most of you that follow me probably get most of them and deal with them in the way that best suits you. Sharing them tends to suit me- I promise Im not over here crying in my coffee or anything. I just needed a worry purge ๐Ÿ™‚

I am pleased to announce that mostly I do not worry and I wrote that entry over three days. I should have written it over four, so that I could edit it properly.

I hope this explains the reasoning behind my previous post, better. ๐Ÿ™‚


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