Home is whenever Im with you

I’m home from surgery and so glad.

Being in the hospital just makes me nauseated. I blame chemo for that.

It’s like my sense of smell becomes super ultra sensitive and anything remotely hospital like (their sheets, the hand soap, the lotion..) or anything that I just don’t like that day will make me reach for the bucket.  Sometimes I even use it!

I got flowers and cards and balloons and all sorts of stuff from family and friends. I was there for just about 24 hours and managed to have lots of visitors and calls.  I feel incredibly loved right now.

The attached photo is of my favorite cousins, Ella and Audrey. They made me a sign!555993_10200790501191207_1010617569_n


3 thoughts on “Home is whenever Im with you

  1. That really would have been funny……….I’m trying to think of what my plan would have been had I had to have done that! (Probably something along the lines of, “let me help you to the floor and then you can just scoot….)

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