Life still happens

Days are going by and they are, seemingly, normal… Maybe because I haven’t told many people. I work. I walk Albus, I clean, I cook and I eat. I go to meetings. I laugh. And about once a day I can’t control myself and have to talk about it.

If you know me and you were to spend time with me right now, you’d know that I’m ‘off’. I don’t usually like to buy ‘extras’ or spend money unless I have to or I have budgeted it in. I think that means I’m cheap, but I like ‘financially responsible’. HOWEVER. We can just throw all of that out of the window for the last weekish. I haven’t paid attention to my eating habits, or I have, but I haven’t cared about them. I bought a shirt. I have not bought clothes for myself in ages. Ihave not cleaned or done laundry.

But this has got to stop. Just because I have cancer doesn’t mean I can just stop living a normal life. There are spots on my kitchen counter that need to be bleached! Clothes that need to be spot treated and wooden surfaces that need to be dusted, ya know?! And my body. My body deserves better than chips and queso for lunch, a milky way for a snack and a Popsicle for breakfast. It deserves Pilates in the morning, a shower and shaved legs. It deserves calories that count for something and food that will nourish it.
So, that’s what I’m going to work on… Being the girl I was just a week ago. Because life still happens.


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